May 13, 2010


These are some images of my favourite Dior Haute Couture pieces. The sleek tailoring and structured nature of the garments make for eloquent designs, where simplicity creates impact. 

Dior Manniquins at a Red Cross benefit show 1954, Cachottier Spring/ Summer 1951.
Bleu de Perse Autumn/Winter 1955-56, Dior draping on a live model, Mystere de Paris Autumn/Winter 1955-56, Parc Monceau Spring/ Summer 1963. 
Gascogne Autumn/ Winter 1950, Meilhac Spring/Summer 1953, Zemire Autumn/ Winter 1954. 

Image Credit- Pochna. M, 2004, Dior, Assouline Publishing, New York. 

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