May 5, 2010

Alex Perry RAFW

Alex Perry's show was inspired by Arabian princesses and was a rather large affair with a guest list of 1,300. A colour scheme of black, white, nudes, brush pinks, and the palest lilac the pieces ranged from corseted voluminous tulle gowns to sleek tailored pieces.
I think the collection echoed a couture vibe,in particular my favourite piece the tailored jacket below. It resonates the cut and feel of Dior's new look, the timeless elegance of jeweled embellishment so common in haute couture, yet the zip closure makes it modern and edgy. 

Interesting embellishment, the idea of appliqueing the lace onto the garment, made even more effective by doing so in black and white. It creates a very alluring focal point.

I love simplistic tailored pieces, the use of positive and negative space, and metallic have created a timeless yet edgy piece.

Again i think the use of black and white in this dress really emphasises the interest of cut and drape. 
Image credit- Fashionising

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