May 11, 2010

Batik Textiles

For my final year collection i want to incorporate a 4-5 textiles prints so i can have a few in each look creating rhythm and movement for high impact designs.
I came across a great website The African Fabric Shop, which operates out of the UK dealing in fair trade textiles from all over Africa. The textiles are mostly purchased straight from the small communities that produce them for an agreed fair price, or as the in the case of the shwe shwe fabrics, from the textile company of which 40% if owned by the workers.
These are hand dyed Batik textiles from Ghana, i love the bright colours and their organic feel.  

I'm also looking into creating my own textiles, possibly using the Batik dying method, so that my collection is more personal.I really like the energy and movement that the Batik wax crackling affect creates and I think it reflects the adventure and excitement of Safari travel. 

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