May 8, 2010

Dion Lee RAFW

This was Dion Lee's second show at Rosemount Australia Fashion week since his debut as part of the TAFE show in 2008. Under the glass sales of the Opera House he unveiled his collection to a crowd who had been eagerly awaiting it all week. Pleats, knots, digital Rorschach blot prints, slashes and and artful construction I really admire the fresh and unique style of Dion Lee. His look is clean, edgy and modern, resolved designs that are strikingly beautiful.

I really admire Dion Lee as an emerging young designer. Hoping to work in the industry, possibly as a designer when i graduate, i find his success at such a young age and early stage in his career inspiring. I think the reason behind his success is the fresh contemporary nature of his designs, simple and clean. I feel I design in the same manner, and i certainly favour sleek tailoring and structure. I want to try and embrace these qualities when creating my final collection as I feel it is well received by the current market. 
Image Credit- Fashionising

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