April 20, 2010

Amazing Haute Couture- Dior, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy

Amazing Haute Couture
The metropolitan Museum of Art New York held an exhibition from December 1995- March 1996, entitled Haute Couture, showcasing the finest creations from the most famous of designers, these are just a few of the pieces that were on show.
Givenchy (left) 
1966 evening dress, Ostrich feathers on dark brown silk broadcloth.
Balenciaga (right)
1965 evening gown, Ostrich feathers on light pink dotted tulle. 
These ostrich feathers have been shaved off, stripped and dyed, then placed one by one to the backing fabric. Carefully arranged they are sewn down upward, against the grain so they stand up and out. 
Such as technical and time consuming technique of construction,so typical of haute couture, but the result a truly layered and complex garment, that looks unlike anything else.

1960's evening gown, silk and net embroidered with crystals and feathers. The individual Ostrich filaments and feathers have been sewn down one by one to create a tier over the waist, combined with hand sewn couched silver and crystal embroidery, ever so elegant.
Yves Saint Laurent
1969-70 evening dress.
Beige silk organza backing fabric, features singularly hand sewn Bird of Paradise feathers, attached one by one. Have you ever seen a dress anything like it, totally unique and original- jaw dropping design.

1991 evening coat, white and black Ostrich feathers and Mongolian goat hair intricately placed to create volume, rhythm and movement. 

Koda. H, Martin. R, 1995, Haute Couture, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

(released in conjunction with the exhibtion)

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